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We are  SNA GmbH. A German-based limited-liability Company that was incorporated in 2016 in Kamen – Germany, to be one of the leading brands in the field of oil & petrochemicals. We may be new to you, but we are really not.

Our heritage goes back to 51 ago. Since 1969, we’ve been a behind-the-scenes petrochemical research & development company. And we have now proudly stepped into the spotlight with our innovative maintenance solutions under the SNA brand name. We research, develop, make and market a wide range of SNA Lubricants, service fluids, additives, greases, maintenance sprays for the automotive, marine, and industrial sectors, including SNA specialty products, and maintenance solutions.

Our complete range of products/solutions is entirely made in Germany to exacting quality standards. This means our know-how, expertise & stringent quality control system guarantee SNA items to not only exceed established standards but also ensure superior protection and/or performance.

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